Surgical Abortion

Surgical Abortion

A woman’s decision to proceed with a pregnancy termination is never an easy decision and there are many reasons why a woman may seek to have a surgical abortion.

Woman may decide to have an abortion when faced with unplanned pregnancy, teenage pregnancy, financial pressures, medical grounds or a number of other reasons.

Surgical Abortion Melbourne

The Fertility Control Clinic is here to support and assist women who have chosen to proceed with a pregnancy termination. Our clinic aims to give women the best possible care and support, both during and after the procedure. All Fertility Control Clinic consultations and procedures are confidential.

The surgical method of abortion uses gentle suction that results in pregnancy termination. The procedure is usually carried out under sedation, by either General or Local Anaesthetic that is administered by a qualified anaesthetist.

The Fertility Control Clinic has modern day hospital facilities to provide termination of pregnancy as a simple one day procedure.

The Fertility Control Clinic recovery room is supervised by the anaesthetist and staffed with experienced trained nurses who carefully monitor our patients during and after the procedure.

Medical vs Surgical Abortion

The main differences between surgical and medical abortion are that you can have the procedure carried out much later during the pregnancy (up to 16 weeks gestation) with a surgical abortion compared to 8 weeks with a medical abortion. A surgical procedure involves a small surgery to remove the pregnancy compared to taking two tablets like in a medical procedure.

There is also a higher success rate with a surgical procedure, up to 99% effective compared to 95% efficacy for a medical abortion. 

Talk to the clinic to find out more about which option may be best for you.

Surgical Abortion Side Effects

Surgical abortion has a low risk for complication and is a safe and simple procedure. The risk of complications from a surgical abortion is small – in fact it is safer than having one’s tonsils or appendix removed. However, all surgeries do carry potential risks which could include excessive bleeding, infection, uterine perforation, continuing pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, anaesthetic complications and psychological complications.

Counselling is provided by our trained counsellors at the Fertility Control Clinic.

Surgical Abortion Cost

Any Pathology tests that are required can be performed at the Fertility Control Clinic and are bulk billed. Patients are not required to make inconvenient trips to regional pathology centres.

There are no out of pocket costs for doctor consultations when attending the clinic and overseas students are often fully covered by private health insurers.

We respect your right to privacy and all consultations are confidential.

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