Dedicated to women’s
fertility control and
sexual and reproductive
health since 1972.

As Australia’s first private abortion clinic, the Fertility Control Clinic provides women access to high quality and safe termination of pregnancy and contraception. Established in 1972, the Fertility Control Clinic has been caring for women for over 47 years, and today is the leading private provider of pregnancy termination (surgical and medical abortion), family planning and reproductive health.

Abortion Clinic Melbourne 

The Fertility Control Clinic is an accredited clinic and day procedure centre committed to providing woman-centred, confidential, and expert health care services, offering both medical and surgical abortion.

As a comprehensive fertility control and reproductive health service, we have an in-house day procedure centre, an accredited medical pathology laboratory and provide accredited imaging and ultrasound services.

Melbourne Abortion Clinic-Services

With a holistic view of women’s health, the FCC provides the following services:

Medical Abortion
Surgical Abortion
IUD Implementation
Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing
Contraception Support
Family Planning and Pregnancy Counselling

The FCC also provides patients access to a specialised psychologist and to multilingual staff (Mandarin and Tamil), to ensure every patient feels fully supported throughout their experience.

All our healthcare professionals are nationally registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Board of Australia (AHPRA). We are multidisciplinary team working together to care for our patients.


All medical consultations and medical pathology tests are Bulk Billed.

Other out of pocket costs may be covered by private health insurers for patients, including overseas students. Please get in touch with us to find out if you are covered. Pension and Health Card holders and full time students may also receive a reduced fee.


The Fertility Control Clinic is conveniently located in East Melbourne, close to the heart of Melbourne and readily accessible by public transport.

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