Vasectomy Melbourne


Metrocentre empowers patients to take control of both their contraceptive options and their overall health through education. They endeavour to provide men's procedures that are comfortable, convenient and safe, whilst keeping options open if things change in the future.

Metrocentre is dedicated to men who would like to explore their options in regards to contraception and demand to be treated with the most advanced and precise surgical techniques available.

At our open-ended vasectomy and the Owen 3 Layer Micro-Surgical Vasectomy Reversal clinic we have created a professional, supportive and personalised service to ensure that your needs are catered to every step of the way.

Our team of highly experienced medical professionals offer detailed information about our procedures that is specific, clear and easy to understand so that men can make a well informed choice about the treatment they wish to receive.

Metrocentre offers Open-Ended Vasectomy procedures in their dedicated surgery rooms located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

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Call 1800 36 76 36 for more information or to make an appointment.

Private Health Refunds in Victoria

As we are a Registered Day Hospital, private fund rebates may be available, depending on your level of cover & waiting periods.