Medical Abortions Melbourne

Medical Abortions

Medical abortion is a safe and effective method of abortion and is used as an alternative to surgical termination. A medical abortion is an abortion that is induced by the use of oral medications.

Pregnancy terminations carried out by the Medical method are available for early pregnancies. Your doctor will conduct an ultrasound to confirm how far into the pregnancy you are. Your Doctor will also discuss the options available to you and outline any side effects or complications that may occur.

The Fertility Control Clinic is here to support and assist women who have chosen to proceed with a pregnancy termination. Our clinic aims to give women the best possible care and support, both during and after the procedure. All Fertility Control Clinic consultations and procedures are confidential.

Counselling is provided by our trained counsellors at the Fertility Control Clinic.

Some information on Medical Abortion:

Medical abortion is only available for early stage pregnancies and anaesthetic is not required for medical abortion

Patients may experience some pain or cramping that can range from mild to severe. The pain may be similar to period pain and Paracetamol or Nurofen may assist in pain relief. A stronger medication can be prescribed if needed.

A medical abortion will not adversely affect your fertility and we will ensure your future contraception needs.

Our Clinic will provide you with information about how to take care of yourself following a Medical abortion. We have a 24 hour phone service in case of any concerns. About 90% of women feel relieved following an elective abortion, and engage positively with their lives. Our counselling team can assist women where their decision or circumstances means that they may require additional support.

We respect your right to privacy and all consultations are confidential.

Private Health Refunds in Victoria

As we are a Registered Day Hospital, private fund rebates may be available, depending on your level of cover & waiting periods.